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More about Laser Hair Removal

Hair is a great blessing to have. It enhances our look. Changing it up can spice up our entire look and it certainly plays a major part in our looks. But, with an exception. That exception is that if it’s present on your scalp rather than all over our bodies. None of us want to look like wooly mammoths. The hair on a woman’s body is considered taboo for years. In the present day and age, men are also striving to have a hairless chest and back. What’s the cure then? Well, traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing, epilating and shaving have failed to deliver desired results. Now, dermatologists have come up with a safe and effective solution, Laser hair removal in MAW Skin Care. Yes, that’s the only way to eliminate unwanted hair and acquire your smooth, clear and glowing skin back. Let’s dig in a little further.

Are you the Ideal Candidate?

Almost, anybody who wishes to eliminate unwanted hair can benefit from Laser Hair Removal. Before you get super stoked about the idea of getting laser done, it is important for you to consider whether it’s the right option for you or not. Potential candidates:

Shouldn’t have light colored hair; blonde, white and red
Shouldn’t be pregnant
Shouldn’t be breastfeeding
Shouldn’t suffer from any chronic illnesses
Shouldn’t have any skin diseases

What machine is used?

At MAW Skin Care, we use Laser for hair removal LightSheer® DUET™.

Goals of the Procedure

Laser Hair Removal MAW Skin Care aims to provide the very best for our clients. Here is what you will be able to achieve after completing the sessions.

Offers a permanent relief from the growth of unwanted hair
Makes your skin look smooth, silky and glowing
Helps you achieve a flawless skin without cuts, stitches and ingrown hairs.

Pre-Treatment Care

Pre-Treatment Care is an important aspect of any treatment. Laser Hair Removal MAW Skin Care is no exception either. It allows you to prepare your skin for the treatment and maximize the results as well. Here are a few general guidelines:

Stock up on sunscreen. You are going to need it before as well as after the treatment.
Tanning is strictly prohibited as it minimizes the contrast between your hair and skin color.
Any other hair removal methods except for shaving are completely prohibited. Yes, it means no waxing and epilating.
Don’t forget to shave the treatment site a day before the treatment.
Do not apply any makeup or skin care products on the treatment site on the day of the treatment.

The Procedure

Laser hair removal in MAW Skin Care is a simple, lunch hour procedure that leaves you feeling smooth and silky afterward. It involves the following steps:

Step 1: The treatment site is properly cleaned to ensure there are no traces of dirt and makeup with your skin that can interfere with the laser during the session.
Step 2: A handheld laser device is moved across the skin. The laser pulses target the dark pigment of the hair present on your skin. The melanin in the follicles absorbed the energy. As a result, it heats up and prohibits the ability of the follicle to regrow.
Step 3: Once the entire area is covered with the laser, a cooling gel is applied to the treatment site and some doctors also use an antibiotic cream to minimize the risk of infections.
This concludes the entire procedure. Just note that you will need multiple sessions to see permanent results. The number of sessions can vary significantly depending on each individual.

Post-Treatment Care

The recovery period of Laser Hair Removal in MAW Skin Care is quick and uneventful. However, you need to follow a list of post-treatment care instructions given by your surgeon religiously. Here are a few brief guidelines:

Make sure to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Try to stay out of the sun during peak hours and wear a hat to cover your skin.
Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 50 or above for the following week whether you are indoors or outdoors.
Do not exfoliate the treatment site. Avoid any other skin care treatments as well.
Do not use any other hair removal methods except for shaving, in-between the laser sessions.
Do not go for tanning in between the sessions: whether fake or natural


The tremendous increase in demand for Laser Hair Removal in MAW Skin Care over the last decade speaks for the results itself. With every progressive session, your hair will progressively begin to disappear. Reason being that your hair grows in cycles and it is impossible to eliminate it in one go. Ones all your hair is gone, it won’t come back ever and you can enjoy your smooth skin for a lifetime.


Here is a list of the benefits of MAW Skin Care Laser Hair Removal:

It is a onetime investment. Forget the fortune you spend on lasers, shaving creams and waxing appointments. Invest in laser and be carefree for a lifetime.
It is permanent. You don’t have to spend hours getting ready in the morning because you have to shave your legs.
It is a painless procedure. However, some patients report mild discomfort, similar to snapping of a rubber band. It is quite bearable though.
Your skin will be silky, smooth and glowing afterward. Razor burns, ingrown hairs are all things of the past.
There are no side effects associated with the treatment except mild redness, which only lasts for a few hours.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Like other parts of the world, Cost of Laser Hair Removal in MAW Skin Care varies widely from person to person depending upon various factors. These include:

Size of the area to be treated
Color, texture, and thickness of the hair
Number of sessions needed
Experience and reputation of your doctor
Geographic location of your provider
You can get the exact quote by a dermatologist by fill a free consultation form after the dermatologist analysis above mentioned factors.

Additional Info

Is it painful? Individuals who have undergone this procedure found it to cause a sensation similar to having a mild rubber bad snap on the surface of the skin.

How many sessions? Generally, 6 to 8 treatments are enough to get smooth, hairless skin with Laser Hair Removal in MAW Skin Care. But this may vary from person to person based on the number, color, and texture of hair.

Are there any side effects? Laser hair removal in MAW Skin Care is the safest and probably the least painful procedure. It does not have any potential side effects as long as you are following your doctor’s pre- and post-procedural instructions carefully.


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