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MAW treatments FAQ

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MAW Skin Care treatments FAQ

What does laser hair removal feel like? Is it painful?2018-03-23T21:44:24+00:00

Most people with lighter skin should feel no pain as they will undergo laser hair removal with the Light Sheer Duet, which is considered the latest and most pain free hair removal laser system available on the market today. Other people describe the feeling similar to a small pinch or warm massage. Although pain is an individual feeling, most patients express the sensation as tolerable.

What should I do before my treatment?2018-03-23T22:06:38+00:00

Avoid sun exposure as much as possible especially two weeks before the laser treatment. Hair can be more aggressively treated without a fresh tan. Having hair is essential to having a successful treatment. You cannot wax, tweeze, thread or have electrolysis for two weeks before a treatment. The best way to manage hair is to shave or trim the day before you come for your treatment. On the day of your treatment the hair will need to be freshly shaved.

What should I expect after a treatment?2018-03-24T16:18:40+00:00

After a treatment the skin may be red and bumpy. This is absolutely normal. Post treatment, we recommend protecting the area 2 from the sun to avoid any additional heat to the area, as well as avoiding activities such as severe exercise, saunas, and other activities which may irritate the area or induce heat for 24-48 hours immediately after treatment. The area should be moisturized with a soothing cream and cleansed with a mild soap as advised by our registered nurses that perform the laser treatments.

How many treatments will I need?2018-03-23T22:18:51+00:00

Hair grows in continuous cycles. The anagen or growth phase of hair contains the largest amounts of melanin and this phase is the laser’s target. From scientific studies we understand that any area contains a maximum of 20-30% of anagen hairs at one time, thus, these anagen hairs are affected by each treatment. Most clients will require a minimum of 3-4 treatments to start seeing results, although repeated sessions are necessary for better results. Finer hair and dark skin clients may require more than 6-8 treatments. If you suffer from a hormone imbalance, your treatments may be on going. To have more effective treatments it is imperative that they be sequenced. Every client’s expectations of hair loss are different. Some may be happy with 50-60% loss and may want to discontinue and others will want to continue until they reach their maximum loss of 95%.

How long should I wait between treatments?2018-03-24T16:21:42+00:00

Waiting time may vary with individuals. The general guideline is 4-5 weeks for neck and above areas and 5-6 weeks for areas below the neck. As you get more sessions, the frequency of the treatments will decrease (about 7-8 weeks apart).

What should I do to manage the hair between treatments?2018-03-24T16:23:51+00:00

You should not have much hair to manage. If you need to, shaving or trimming is the most effective way to manage hair growth between treatments.

Are the Results Permanent?2018-03-24T16:25:09+00:00

The Light Sheer Duet laser has been cleared by the FDA for hair removal and permanent hair reduction for all skin types. To achieve a satisfactory level of clearance, we recommend at least 6-8 treatments.

Does laser hair removal create or treat ingrown hairs?2018-03-24T16:26:34+00:00

The laser will not create ingrown hairs. If you suffer from them the laser will produce an effective treatment to clear the ingrown hairs.

Does the Light Sheer Duet work on different skin colours?2018-03-24T16:27:47+00:00

The Light Sheer Duet diode laser system safely and effectively treats all skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI). For darker skin types appropriate fluencies are generally lower and appropriate pulse widths are generally longer to prevent damage to the epidermis. Using the 4 appropriate treatment parameters, however, people with all skin types can benefit from laser hair removal with the Light Sheer Duet.

Does the Light Sheer Duet work on tanned skins?2018-03-24T16:28:55+00:00

A tan is damage to the skin. When it is damaged it creates “tan” or colour. This is “melanin” deposit in the skin. The laser is attracted to melanin. We prefer not to treat skin that has active melanin or a tan.

What advantages does the Light Sheer Duet have over other laser hair removal systems?2018-03-24T16:30:24+00:00

Light Sheer Duet operates at 810nm depth. That is the most effective wavelength of the laser for hair removal, also with its large treatment surface, it makes the treatment much faster & much more convenient for the patients as well as the technicians.

Is laser treatment regulated?2018-03-24T17:43:44+00:00

Due to a change in government policy, lasers in the UK are not regulated which means anyone can use a laser and no one is checking the machine’s safety or the therapists’ training and skills. However, at MAW Skin Care, we strongly believe in the safe delivery of all treatments and only employ Qualified and Experienced Cosmetologists, using state-of-the-art machinery which is CE marked.

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